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The Portal: Let's cast a magic circle!

March 2023, #2 Circle Casting as a Jungian Practice Today, we’re going to peer behind the curtain of magic circles, exploring how they serve to protect us from unwanted influences, and then we’re going to connect with your spirit guides, Reader! In Jungian psychology, the circle is a symbol of...
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13 days ago • 10 min read

The Portal: Creepy crawlies on the astral

March 2023, #1 An astral ghost story One of the creepiest things I ever experienced as a baby witch happened during meditation. Cross-legged on the couch, eyes closed, I was doing my best to focus on my breath. In…and out. In...and–I heard my husband’s footfalls, the slight creak of the floor,...
18 days ago • 5 min read

The Quantum Leap of Manifestation

Today, I want to talk about the Hero/ine’s Journey and how it can help you harness the power of eons to fuel your manifestation. I feel like that statement should be followed by a deafening crash of thunder and a villainous cackle–please use your imagination.) First off, what’s the Hero/ine’s...
3 months ago • 3 min read

The Emissaries of the Unknown

The Law of the Secret Door is something I guarantee you’re familiar with…you just might not realize it. In stories, especially archetypally rich stories like fairy tales, if someone is told, “Hey, so there’s this Secret Door over there and you mustn’t, under any circumstances, for realsies, I...
4 months ago • 5 min read

The Geometry of Manifestation

What does a triangle have to do with getting what you want in life, Reader? Well today, I want to tease out the deeper secrets of manifestation by using very simple geometry–no protractor required. Talk about synchronicity: As I was writing this, I got an email with the subject line “Butator,...
4 months ago • 5 min read

Enter the Realm of the High Priestess (pt 2)

As a recovered alcoholic... when I was still drinking, denying the path my soul was here to explore generated massive amounts of pent-up energy, often in the form of big dreams, big desires, big plans for the future that, painfully, never seemed to manifest. This is a continuation of yesterday's...
6 months ago • 4 min read

Enter the Realm of the High Priestess (pt 1)

Today’s Autumn Equinox marks a time when the veil thins, Reader... when the boundary between seen and unseen, conscious and unconscious becomes wispy and penetrable. It’s also a time of equilibrium, when the Sun enters Libra, sign of the scales, so it’s a fab opportunity to look at your current...
6 months ago • 3 min read

How would you answer this question?

When we have a sense of ownership over something, studies show that we value it more highly. Nothing terribly surprising there, right? But here’s an interesting way to work with this during Imbolc and today’s New Moon in Aquarius: Let’s say you’re clearing out your closet. You’ve decided to...
about 1 year ago • 2 min read

Cancer Full Moon: How to be more authentic (even if it terrifies you)

This month’s Full Moon in Cancer... helps us explore where we might be walling off emotionally tender spots, limiting our ability to expand into our fullness of Self and live with greater authenticity. Let’s break it down by exploring some of the astrological influences at play right now. For...
about 1 year ago • 5 min read

Capricorn New Moon: What's your manifesting type?

For today’s New Moon in Capricorn, Reader, it feels super duper relevant to share something I’ve been obsessing over recently: human design manifestor types. If you’re like, “Human design, say what, now?” Don’t worry. You don’t need to be an expert (I’m certainly not) to access highly useful...
about 1 year ago • 2 min read